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Add Magic to Your Presentations 

During your public speaking course you will learn its good to include a variety of techniques into your presentation including things like magic tricks. When you execute a magic trick during your presentation, it always impresses the audience and keeps their attention focused on what you are doing and saying.

When you use magic to illustrate a point, you will not be held to the high standards of a professional magician. This is a fun aspect you can learn in a public speaking course. During your presentation you can add magic as an extra dimension to key points your making to the audience, and not have to worry about performing like a professional magician. I do some simple magic that really is pretty laughable, yet I get comments from the audience all the time that they were impressed with my great 'illusions.'. Think about some of the important points you make during your presentation that might need a little extra spark to make them more memorable.

Visit a nearby  magic shop and tell the salesclerk what you are trying to accomplish and that your completely new to magic. Most good magic shops have literally thousands of tricks to pick from and at all skill levels as well as all audience sizes. 

The points you make and the comedy aspect of the magic usually come from the 'patter' (what the magician says while doing the trick). You can even buy books that talk about comic patter. Magic tricks are also a fun way to add some lightheartedness and WOW factor to what you learned in your public speaking course. Many magic tricks are now on video which makes it a whole lot easier to understand than trying to read them from a book. 

An excellent video tape for rope tricks is 'Daryl's Rope Tricks #7.' Your local magic shop probably has it and if they don't they can probably order it or even go online and find it. 

I really like to learn magic from videos because you can see the trick in action. Reading them from a book is OK, and very useful, but you can learn a lot quicker with video training. Two good magic videos for speakers are by master magician Tom Ogden 'Teaching and Training with Magic' and 'The Magic of Creativity.' I got these two videos from Royal Publishing & Walters Speakers Services (626) 335-8069. 

And of course, in 2004 with the magician Steve Hart, I created a three DVD set of magic tricks, with a bonus DVD of me doing some magic.
Call me at (757) 431-1366, to order, or order online at antion.com.

When taking a public speaking course, you will learn that magic is but one of many resources and tools you can use to cleverly communicate your message.

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