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Equipment Photographs

In my public speaking course I teach about using equipment photographs because I once ran into a situation where they were needed while in Morocco for a presentation. The primary languages there are Arabic and French. Just arranging for an overhead projector was extremely difficult.

When I arrived at the place where I would be speaking there was no overhead projector and screen, even though I had confirmed already three times. The manager of the large ballroom did not speak any English and because of the close scheduling of other events, I was not able to be in the room early like I usually am.

I forgot to bring my equipment photographs that I teach about in my public speaking course which would have gotten the point across to the manager immediately whether he spoke English or not. In the end it it didn't matter anyway, because the projector he finally brought was so bad I ended up scrapping all the overheads anyways.

I didn't stress though since I am ALWAYS prepared for total equipment failure. So I went on with the program without hesitation. Remember my  "Tips" when speaking in a foreign environment:

1. Have photographs of the equipment you need.

2. Have a backup plan and be ready to use it

3. When you leave you own country start smiling and don't quit until you are locked safely in your bathroom. Never get upset in public. Getting upset will only make things worse for you and your presentation will suffer because of it.

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